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Our guarantee will be for 2 year guarantee for hips.I will be sending a sample pack of Nu-Vet vitamin supplement for puppy. This is for general health and to help strenghten the hip area. This supplement must be given for the first 12 months of puppies life. And also if you don't use this supplementit will cancel all guarantees. Also require you to use a good nutritional food for you dog . This I will leave up to you. I have started puppies on purina puppy chow. I will provide a sample bag with the delivery of the puppy, if you are picking up puppy.I use purina for all of my dogs.

All puppies are sold as pet only. Unless breeding rights are purchased. No guarantee made as to size, color, weight, disposition, or markings.

I will not refund purchase price of puppy for landlord/tenant, maritial or adjustment problems.

If buyer wishes to return puppy at any time we will take puppy back and try to rehome it. and refund any moneys collected from rehoming after all fees are subtracted.

If puppy is diagnosed with hip problems, I will need a certificate from qualified vet and a OFA certifing the hip score. With this paper work I will either replace puppy or refund purchase price only upond the return of the puppy.

And 1 year against life threatening, genetic disease.With the proof of genetic problem, puppy will be returned to me and a replacement puppy provided.Purchase price only also can be refunded.

And 72 hour general health check. This gives you time to have puppy seen by your own vet. If he finds a problem and I am notified within the 72 hrs. the puppy can be returned and full purchase price refunded. This does not cover shipping fee.This covers health issues only. Not accidental dropping or harming of puppy after you recieve it. I will need vet documentation also as to the problem.